Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Express

Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Express 8.0

Generate and modify .NET Framework software
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Develop applications for the .NET Framework based on the C++ programming language. Control the ISO compliance of the templates imported from the Standard Template Library. Customize the functions and code via generic programming, save the changes, test the resulting product and implement it.

Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition includes a fully ISO-compliant implementation of the Standard Template Library (STL). STL is a general purpose library of algorithms and data structures that is based on a concept known as generic programming.
The library includes the container classes-such as vector, queue, list, and map-that are implemented using C++ templates. These work with any data type, including both built-in types as well as any types you define yourself. The Visual C++ 2005 implements the new ECMA C++/CLI standard for writing simple yet powerful code for the .NET Framework's Common Language Runtime (CLR). Using Visual C++, you can write class libraries, console applications, or Windows Forms applications.
Visual C++ 2005 also lets you use C++ to build 32-bit native code console applications that have access to the full Standard C and C++ libraries. You can also mix native and managed code in a single project, giving you the flexibility to use existing libraries as well as .NET Framework classes in the same application.

Powerful Language and Libraries
· Create managed and native C++ applications
· Standards conformant, optimizing C++ compiler
· Standard Template Library (STL)
· Use third-party libraries to increase productivity

More Secure C++
· Safe C Runtime Library (CRT)
· Buffer overrun detection

Visually Design Windows Applications
· Visual design surface
· Toolbox
· Property Window
· Snap lines
· Toolstrip control
· Menu control
· Container controls
· WebBrowser control
· MaskedTextBox control
· Background Worker component
· NotifyIcon control
· TreeView control
· ListView control

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