Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Express

Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Express 1.0

Enables you to write managed applications for the .NET Framework
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Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition includes a fully ISO-compliant implementation of the Standard Template Library (STL). STL is a general purpose library of algorithms and data structures that is based on a concept known as generic programming.
The library includes the container classes-such as vector, queue, list, and map-that are implemented using C++ templates. These work with any data type, including both built-in types as well as any types you define yourself. The Visual C++ 2005 implements the new ECMA C++/CLI standard for writing simple yet powerful code for the .NET Framework's Common Language Runtime (CLR). Using Visual C++, you can write class libraries, console applications, or Windows Forms applications.
Visual C++ 2005 also lets you use C++ to build 32-bit native code console applications that have access to the full Standard C and C++ libraries. You can also mix native and managed code in a single project, giving you the flexibility to use existing libraries as well as .NET Framework classes in the same application.

Powerful Language and Libraries
· Create managed and native C++ applications
· Standards conformant, optimizing C++ compiler
· Standard Template Library (STL)
· Use third-party libraries to increase productivity

More Secure C++
· Safe C Runtime Library (CRT)
· Buffer overrun detection

Visually Design Windows Applications
· Visual design surface
· Toolbox
· Property Window
· Snap lines
· Toolstrip control
· Menu control
· Container controls
· WebBrowser control
· MaskedTextBox control
· Background Worker component
· NotifyIcon control
· TreeView control
· ListView control

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